AJP Journal Club Vol 16, 2019 - Paramedic administration of oxygen 2019

AJP Journal Club Vol 16, 2019 - Blood pressure measurement and hypertension

AJP Journal Club Vol 15, No 1. (2018) - Pre-hospital advanced life support education – core components for pre-hospital professionals

AJP Vol 14, No 1. (2017) with Prof. Russell Jones and Dr. Lisa Holmes discussing Jones, R., Holmes, L., Brightwell, R. & Cohen, L. (2017). Student paramedic anticipation, confidence and fears: Do undergraduate courses prepare student paramedics for the mental health challenges of the profession? Australasian Journal of Paramedicine, 14(4).

AJP Vol 14, No 2. (2017) with Mr. Nigel Barr discussing Barr, N., Holmes, M., Roiko, A. & Lord, W. (2017). A Qualitative Exploration of Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for Australian Paramedics. Australasian Journal of Paramedicine, 14(3).

AJP Vol 14, No 2. (2017) with Mr. Suryanto discussing Suryanto, S., Boyle, M. & Plummer, V. (2017). The Prehospital and Healthcare System in Malang, Indonesia. Australasian Journal of Paramedicine, 14(2).

AJP Vol 14, No 1. (2017) with Dr. Georgia Clarkson discussing Clarkson, G. & Gangell, H. (2017). Community ambulance response trolleys (CART): preparing students for the paramedic workplace. Australasian Journal of Paramedicine, 14(1).

AJP Vol 13, No 4. (2016) with Mr. Marc Colbeck discussing Colbeck, M. (2016). Paramedic diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome in the out-of-hospital patient with acute, non-traumatic chest pain: The RSVP3 HEART exam. Australasian Journal of Paramedicine, 13(4).

AJP Journal Club Vol 13, No 3. (2016) with Assoc. Prof. Anthony Campeau discussing Campeau, A. (2016). Paramedical Ethics During Acute Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Referral. Australasian Journal of Paramedicine, 13(3).