This forum is a place for paramedic graduates to share their experiences and gain feedback and insights from senior paramedics. Paramedics contribute and respond to this forum for the express purpose of sharing their experiences as a learning exercise.  Paramedics who contribute do so are expressing their personal views and opinions.  This forum is not associated with the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) and nothing presented here represents the opinion, view or advice of QAS or any other ambulance service or paramedic employer.


When disclosing case histories for discussion paramedics are reminded of their ethical and legal obligations to maintain patient confidentiality.  In presenting case histories, paramedics should deidentify the material so that it is not possible to link the story with a particular patient.  Any potentially identifying material, such as time, gender, age, location etc should all be omitted unless clinically relevant.   By contributing to the forum you undertake that you have considered the issue of patient confidentiality and to the greatest extent possible have removed all identifying material that is not clinically relevant. Further you acknowledge that this forum is moderated and that the forum administrators reserve the right, in their absolute discretion, to delete or edit posts where a patient can be identified or where clinically irrelevant identifying material is included in the submission.